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This is my first pair of earphones of this kind without the wires and come tucked in its own little charging box which is pretty cool too and it also save and sound and also charged which is great for those on the go, Given you have a small box so to speak to carry its small and compact so its not a bulky object to be stowing in your pocket its pretty neat and to add to the flavour it magentised inside so your little earbuds wont be knocking around inside it either ..

Build Quality

Excellent all round including its charge case, They have a generic design of your typical in-ear experience and constructed mostly of plastic but they do sport an IPX4 rating which is basically sweatproof  and seeing they are so light they would withstand plenty of drops,they are housed in plastic but have a rubber type touch coating which does give some additional grip, On both earbuds there are visible connectors which do the obvious so it would be advisable to try to keep dirt away from the contacts also note they are magnetized so they can stick to each other too so you wont loose them.


Having used these for a while I did find they did fall out the odd time perhaps not the right size for me even with the included extra-sized buts included in the package but I typically suffer from random drop-outs on similar buds but mostly on excessive workouts or running. The only fear I would have here is that if one fell out in an awkward place like a shore, for example, its gone whereas a wired offering similar to the Prime, for example, would be a safer bet if dropped on not losing one of the earbuds.


A slightly different setup to most as you can pair separately ie one side or another or both,this is a handy option meaning you can just use one at a time for your car or office for example or you can sport both this will depend on the individual and their specific needs, for me having the choice was a better option meaning I could choose which side I want when I want or just use both depending on what I am doing. There is of course voice-enabled notifications called out to you on pairing etc which helps to be so small.


Sound Quality

They sound pretty good considered the price they come at compared to other packages on offer knocking out all mids,highs and lows perfectly fine I am no expert in Audio but for the general user who is not seeking the ultimate definition of sound will enjoy them and I have tested more than enough earphones and headphones to tell you when something is basically brutal when it comes to dishing out sounds, these are not brutal.


When it comes to volume your out of luck for changing this from the buds themselves your are strictly limited to using your paired device be it a phone or tablet,with no cable and their size you can forgive this caveat so you will need to use your connected device to change the tone and volume its not all that bad and its not much trouble. There is one button on each side and both clicky with feedback so you know you have done a command, you have the usual play, pause, skip track options but you can hang up on calls and connect to Google Assistant if you use it.

Battery Life

Seems to be on par with their claim which is around 2 Hours on one single charge which might put people off but don't forget your charging box provides you with more on the go up to 4 times in fact so that would be plenty for those who may use them on a commute to work for example.

Charging box

It is limited to what it does as to where your charge status is, there is a blue LED that will flash but to let you know they are charging also on the buds they host a light in either Blue or White to let you know their status.

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